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VUTEk HS100 Pro

The EFITM VUTEk® HS100 Pro high-volume digital UV inkjet press combines the productivity of screen with image quality approaching offset.
  • 3.2-meter hybrid digital UV printer handles up to 100 beds/boards per hour in production mode; up to 70 boards per hour in P-O-P mode.
  • Handles flexible or rigid substrates up to 126.5 in (3.2 m) and up to 2 in (5.08 cm) thick.
  • Variable matte or gloss finish for a wider color gamut and greater photographic image quality.
  • True grayscale head technology for higher image quality, greater PMS color matching, and better ink utilization.
  • Standard six colors (CMYK, Ic, Im) plus two white channels.
  • New ink delivery system allows 100% ink utilization so no ink is wasted.
  • Expanded gamut CMYK pigments for world class Pantone matching.
  • Standard six colors (CMYK, Ic, Im) plus two white channels.

Toronto Digital Imaging Equipment VUTEk HS100 Pro
Toronto Digital Imaging Equipment Vutek HS100 Pro

VUTEk 3.2 meter GS3250r

  • True 1000 dpi print capability
  • Six Colour UV Ink - Indoor or Outdoor applications
  • Up tp 2400 sq.ft. per hour
  • Runs multiple jobs at once
  • 3M MCS Warranty
  • Roll to Roll printing

VUTEk 3.2 meter GS3250 Pro

  • Eight Colour, plus White UV Ink
  • Up to 2400 sq.ft. per hour
  • Indoor or Outdoor applications
  • Flatbed Printer plus Roll to Roll
  • Substrates up to 126” in width and 2” in height

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